I would formally like to introduce myself as The Underwood. I’ve been alive for a long time, 87 years to be exact. I have had many masters in my life – good ones, bad ones, honest ones and wicked ones. They all had a story to tell. I’ve decided I really can’t keep quiet anymore. […]


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The First Release

So, you ladies and gentleman are here to find a story, aren’t you? Well… have I got a tale for you. My last master was Lorraine Miller. I have had plenty of owners in my 87 years in this world, but I don’t know that any have affected me as much as Ms Lorraine Miller. […]

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The Second Release

I see you have returned, my young readers. I don’t know what age you are, but everyone feels young compared to I. But I’m glad you are back. The plight of Ms Lorraine Miller captured your attention, hasn’t it? I know it definitely captivated mine. Although, it’s hard not to be captivated when you’re the […]

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The Third Release

Oh Lorraine. The poor dear, things really started to get a bit hairy here. She never came to me quite the same way after this. She didn’t even bother to put me away. At first I enjoyed the fresh air on my rollers, but if I’m left out too long – I start to seize […]

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The Fourth Release

This is the last letter from our precious friend Lorraine. I imagine you have guessed to her state of mind by now. After she wrote the last letter, she went on down to the prison and I think it jarred her memory. She came smashing back into the house after and blew into the home […]

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