The Third Release

Oh Lorraine. The poor dear, things really started to get a bit hairy here. She never came to me quite the same way after this. She didn’t even bother to put me away. At first I enjoyed the fresh air on my rollers, but if I’m left out too long – I start to seize up. We all start to seize up if left out alone for too long – and Lorraine had been left out all alone for the longest time.

So you will soon see how things began to change. She still always put on a cup of hot tea before coming to sit down and be with me; when starting her letter. But now she would stare out at the walls, as if waiting for something. Then she would sift through the bottom of the box where she kept me. I think there were a few letters kept there, drafts or something of the sort.

You’ll notice that after all that air and not much love, my own condition starts to deteriorate. My lower case ‘i’ key has seen better days, so Lorraine often has to replace them with capitals. Shame really, my lower i’s are so pleasing to look at. But you still get the meaning across, so that’s the main point I suppose. My space bar is also beginning to stick too, and often takes a bit of a hammering to get it across properly, so pay no heed to the spacing’s.

– The Underwood

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