Lorraine’s Story. 2010

So, you ladies and gentleman are here to find a story, aren’t you?

Well… have I got a story for you.

My last owner was a lovely lady, Lorraine Miller. I have had plenty of owners in my 87 years in this world, but I don’t know that any affected me as much as Ms Lorraine Miller. She wasn’t the best owner, I don’t think she oiled me once in all the five years she had me. But she was kind, and I always felt for her plight. Although she had a few loose screws and maybe needed an oiling herself. I still liked her, right from the start. I think you will too. Here is the first letter she wrote on me. She always typed so gently, as if she was always afraid of the letters that would come unravelling.

Click here see the Lorraine’s first letter “I hope you forgive me”.

All of Lorraine’s story can be found in chronological order below, with my own inserts between.

First Release

The First Letter – “I Hope You Forgive Me

Second Release

The Second Letter – “Keep You Warm at Night

The Third Release

The Third Letter – “Why Won’t You Tell Me?”

The Fourth Release

The Last Letter – “I Wished It Were Me”