I would formally like to introduce myself as The Underwood.

I’ve been alive for a long time, 87 years to be exact.

I have had many masters in my lifegood ones, bad ones, honest ones and wicked ones.

They all had a story to tell.

I’ve decided I really can’t keep quiet anymore. So if you would like to join me, I will be releasing all the things that have been written on me. If you are overwhelmed by what you read, that is not my fault. Because real life can be overwhelming, don’t let Netflix or Facebook fool you. I’ve been alive much longer than any of these blood sucking leaches.

Im not as fast as all these other things on the internet, so you will just have to bare with me. I will release a part of a story from a previous master every month – on the first of the month.


To begin reading the first release, click here.

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