The Second Release

I see you have returned, my young readers. I don’t know what age you are, but everyone feels young compared to I. But I’m glad you are back. The plight of Ms Lorraine Miller captured your attention, hasn’t it? I know it definitely captivated mine. Although, it’s hard not to be captivated when you’re the one being pumped and typed upon.

This next letter was written a month after the first. It was just another day in the life of Lorraine Miller, but I was glad to be out of the cupboard and in the fresh air of the home office. I do so despise being left in cupboards. She seemed a bit off this day, like something had come upon her, and she kept wringing her hands before each sentence.

I must apologise for my ‘L’s of late. My keys aren’t as young as they used to be, and it was feeling a bit sticky and sometimes required a double hit to get them across the paper properly. Although, I’ll have you know I don’t have one bit of rust on this old bucket. Not one bit. Aside from the fact I get a bit sticky, I’m practically brand new. Nothing like those plastic things you all use these days. Pitiful, soulless things. I tell you, the world has lost its sense of class.

Any who, I tend to carried way, but here is the next letter, I do hope you enjoy it.

Click here to read the next instalment of Lorraine’s Letter – ‘Keep You Warm at Night’.

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