The Third Letter – Why Won’t You Tell Me?

1st March 2010

Thomas Miller

Port Phillip Prison,

PO Box 376

Laverton, Vic, 3028

Dear Thomas,

 I was sorry to hear that things weren’t  aren’t always that easy in there. You never did so well in institutions.

 But that’s okay. Not one size fIts all.  I always told you that. You remember me telling you that? I never judged you. Not once.

 Do you remember when I came to see you last? I know the very last time  you weren’t really speaking to me, but the time before that?

Things   weren’t so bad then.    I think.

 It hasn’t been easy for me you know, since you went in. I live all by myself. I get by, I do. But it just isn’t the same.    The neIghbours don’t want to talk to me. Not that I ever really wanted to speak to them. But It’s more than that.   Its not that they won’t speak to me, It’s like they blatantly avoid speaking to me. Me! I helped them out all the time.  The Stewarts just down the road – I helped them out when their eldest son was ill and looked after their young ones for them.   I looked after them good, but they never asked me again, and thIs is how they reward me? Some friendship!

 I don’t really blame them.   I mean, look how you turned out?

You seemed just fine, really,  you dId. I don’t know what went wrong.

Will you tell  me now Thomas? Tommy?

 If I came to see you just one last tIme would you tell me the truth of it all? It would honestly just put my mind at ease like you  wouldn’t believe. You have no idea of this strange half life I am currently living. Partly holy. Partly in hell.  I want to believe you, but it isn’t that easy.

 So could you just come out and tell me? I wouldn’t tell anyone else, I swear it.  I will brIng out my old wrinkled pinky, I will. Anything for you.


 Just tell me why?

 You could have done anything but did you have to murder them? It is such a sin to end lives. How did you live with yourself. It wasn’t even a once off. That, the lord could have forgiven. But so many times… So many girls.  I just can’t believe that you would do something so foul. So so uncouth. Uncouth! What a ridIculous word. Have you ever heard such a word used in every day speech? No one has.

 You weren’t uncouth. You were wrong.

 But I know you didn’t do It. Not really.

You couldn’t have.



 I wish you would just tell me. One way or the other, I wouldn’t judge you. I just need to know.

 As always, I eagerly await your reply. It must be hard to write back from where you are. The officers invited me to see you.    But you weren’t the same. It Is much easier to wrIte.

 Speak soon my love.



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